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Bloody Kool-Aid

Yes, this is yet another Dipset article. But when we're dealing with gangs and cults, how could we omit Jim Jones, the infamous cult leader of the Byrd Gang?

Photo by Ben Ritter

Yes. Spoken like a true cult leader indeed. What musical tactics do you use to seduce prospective members? I do what’s going to make the hood feel good, what’s going to make niggas that came up like I came up feel good, what’s going to make them ladies that got to get out of work every day and got to boost and steal and do credit card scams every day and shit like that. I ain’t doing it for no other reason. And you travel around the country to recruit, right? I’ve been in every hood in America damn near, but I didn’t just go there to visit, I been there, I squatted in every hood, I understood their culture, I understood their hustle, I understood what they was going through. In numerous amounts of places, from the whole East Quarter, from Miami, Atlanta, North Carolina, Virginia, DC, Maryland, Ohio, I’ve been in all these spots, Chicago, we squatted in all these spots, St-Louis, we squatted in these spots, Houston, I squatted, LA, squatted, San Diego, squatted. I’ve been everywhere, I’ve been on a mean run. You got people that say they’re going on their promo tour, I just been on my life tour with no money involved, I was spending more money than I was making, actually. See I’ve been doing this and runnin’ around the country for 10 years and if you a hard nigga, real recognise real, and you start to build a rapport with niggas that work through the streets like they want to work through the streets. And that’s what I’ve learned and now everywhere I go, it’s just one phone call away that people show the camaraderie and roll out the red carpet. I don’t really like to say no names cuz that gets people caught up, but let’s just say that I got some very very good people in my corner and they’re willing to ride. Really, can you tell us who you’re affiliated with? Jim Jones’ life is some real shit so we don’t give out names and shit like that, the only names we give out is media names: rappers and actors. Anything else is uncivilised, baby. You got to play the rules, but let’s just say that I’m covered. And if you were real nigga then you’d be with real niggas, and you’d have the same opportunities I have when you touch down in different places and you ain’t got to worry about nothing, you dig? And stop showing your motherfucking guns on TV, you ain’t scaring nobody. MACHO
Jim Jones’ DVD A Day In The Fast Life is out now on Diplomats/Koch