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The Vice Guide to Shopping Online
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VICE’s Buyables delivers informative and entertaining guidance for buying stuff online. Our global network of editors are, like you, looking for products and services that will make their lives easier (or at the very least, more attractive) so we’ve tapped them to share the knowledge they’ve amassed through research, reporting, and trial and error.

As with all VICE stories, this guidance will be infused with rigorous reporting and a critical eye; sometimes it’ll come from a place of sheer excitement and obsession. Other times we’ll write about stuff we think is patently ridiculous. If you buy something through any of our links (per our recommendation or against it) VICE might earn an affiliate commission. All of our editorial articles are produced independently and without brand influence — our mission is to be a trustworthy source that will show you how to upgrade your life and a guide to the things you need to buy to do that.

Already, we’ve interviewed adult models to give you advice on what gear you’ll need to take the best nudes and gotten advice from Esports pros about suiting up for a marathon gaming session. But we want to hear from you about what you need help shopping for online, so contact us at