Get a Wealth of Video Tutorials and Lectures Filmed from the Native Session Series

The videos include Fatima Al Qadiri, Lotic, and Philip Sherburne.
April 28, 2016, 5:05pm
Photo via the Native Instruments website

Earlier this year, THUMP teamed up with the electronic music instrument production company Native Instruments to host Native Sessions: Sonic Hooks—a series of talks and workshops taking place in both Los Angeles and New York that explored the craft and importance of production in the context of contemporary songwriting. Now the videos of those programs have been made available for a wide-audience.

Now the best of the Native Sessions worldwide have been conveniently compiled into one site, which is introduced by electronic music journalist Philip Sherburne, and includes highlights such as a round-table discussion with producers Fatmia Al Qadiri, Lotic, and Wife; composing techniques with KOMPLETE product specialist Neven and MASCHINE product specialist [Comfort Fit](comfort fit producer); and a talk between New Zealand electronic composer Kimbra and Fool's Gold artist Brenmar that took place at the New York session, among a wealth of other material.

Videos of the Sonic Hooks series are now available on the Native Instruments website. Watch the discussion between Kimbra and Brenmar below.