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White House releases unexpectedly romantic coin featuring Trump and Kim Jong Un

What’s the one thing missing from your wallet? Could be this coin.

What’s the one thing missing from your wallet? How about a commemorative “trip coin” featuring President Donald Trump and “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong Un? Its value will depend on whether the planned summit actually happens.

The White House Communications Agency on Monday released a commemorative “trip coin” to mark the upcoming summit between the two leaders. The coin refers to Kim as “Supreme Leader” and refers to the historic occasion as “peace talks.”


One side of the coin is Air Force One taking off over the White House. On the flip side are silhouettes of Trump and Kim looking at one another — Kim even has a double chin.

According to the White House Military Office, they currently aren’t selling any of the coins. So if you wanted one to jazz up your wallet, you’re out of luck.

“Since 2003, White House Communications Agency (WHCA) members have ordered a limited number of commercially designed and manufactured souvenir travel coins for purchase,” White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah wrote in a press release. “These coins are designed, manufactured and made by an American coin manufacturer. These souvenir coins are only ordered after a trip has been publicly announced. The White House did not have any input into the design and manufacture of the coin.”

Trump and Kim are scheduled to meet on June 12 in Singapore, if North Korea shows. In recent days, Kim has cast some doubt on the planned summit as talks of complete nuclear disarmament heightened. But despite the uncertainty, the White House and the State Department are continuing to plan for the summit.