• 5 Ways to Frost a Cake for People Who Hate Frosting Cakes

    I’m not a talented decorator, so any decorating that I do is usually covering up what I’ve previously screwed up. I’ve made countless cakes and people always seem surprisingly impressed, even though I know what little effort actually went into it. Here...

  • White House Holiday Cookies Recipe

    These cute holiday cookies from White House executive chef Susie Morrison look just like Bo and Sunny Obama, the furriest members of the First Family, but you can use this recipe to make any shape you want.

  • The Internet Wants to Know Who Dumped This Cake in a Bin

    A cake iced with congratulations to “Matt and Pete on the office romance” and found dumped in a London bin has gone viral, as social media speculates on what turn of events could have caused its hasty disposal.