An Ex-Prosecutor Breaks Down the 'Sex Cult' Trafficking Case Against NXIVM Leader Keith Raniere

The broad strokes of the celebrity trial are not all that different from cases against street-level pimps.
Sarah Berman
3 days ago

Some Guy Dressed as the Joker Is Terrorizing Restaurants in Canada

The hero that the city of Toronto needs right now is somebody who can finally take down this hacky facsimile of Joker.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Australian Police Raided the Wrong Property and Broke an Innocent Man’s Arm

“Police stuffed this one up,” said Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius, while there are fears the victim may lose the use of his left arm.
Gavin Butler

Man Who Ordered Child-Sized Sex Doll Tells Court It Was to Replace Dead Infant Son

Kenneth Harrisson, whose son died more than two decades ago, has been charged with child pornography for purchasing the sex doll.
Sarah Krichel
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What Happened When I Got Kidnapped for Ransom

"I thought this just happened to ultra-rich businessmen or the children of politicians or celebrities. Not some random dude from the south of Manila that had nothing to do with anything, to anyone."
Julian Rodriguez

A Psychiatrist Told Us Why Her Patient Killed Her Children

In 2016, Carol Coronado was sentenced to three life prison terms for the murder of her three daughters.
Melissa Pandika

In India, Gangs Are Preying on Queer People Through Dating Apps

“I started screaming and tried to extract myself, but suddenly, another man appeared and held me from the other side. All this in broad daylight.”
Navin Noronha

Man Allegedly Threatened Restaurant Staff Because They Were Out of Ranch Dressing

Look, sometimes restaurants don’t have what you want, when you want it—but can we just calm down about it?
Jelisa Castrodale
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American Man Arrested After Photos of His 8-Hectare Weed Farm in Myanmar Went Viral

Sorry, bud.
Mustika Hapsoro

What It's Like To Lose Your Sister in an Honor Killing

Banaz Mahmod was murdered by her father and uncle even after reporting her fears to the police multiple times. A decade later, her sister Payzee believes that British police still aren't taking honor killings seriously.
Sophie Brown
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A Parrot Got Detained for Yelling 'Police' to Warn Its Owners About a Drug Raid

"He must've been trained for this."
River Donaghey
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Someone Illegally Drove A Real-Life Mario Kart Over Tokyo’s Rainbow Bridge

Police are still on the lookout for the driver, who had disappeared into the night by the time they arrived.
Gavin Butler