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Salt Sold in Asia Contains the Highest-Levels of Plastic in the World

You could be eating 2,000 bits of microplastics a year, in your salt alone.
VICE Staff
a day ago
climate change

Experts Want to Label Foods That Are Environmentally Unfriendly

Denmark has been toying with the idea of an environmental impact label on food products for years, and in the wake of the latest UN climate change report, the idea is getting renewed attention.
Kaleigh Rogers
3 days ago

Hong Kong Wants to House 1.1 Million People on Artificial Islands to Solve Housing Crisis

Amid a housing crisis, Hong Kong's government plans to create new developable land in the middle of the ocean.
Sarah Emerson
climate change

Human-Driven Climate Change Is Literally Making Earth ‘Wobble’

As the planet warms, ice loss at the poles—especially in Greenland—is having an effect on polar motion.
Becky Ferreira

What the Plastic Straw Controversy Means for Bars

The seemingly innocuous plastic straw has found itself at the center of a greater cultural war
Al Sotack
News of Zealand

Man Says He's Killed 170 Cats to Protect Local Wildlife

He says the best place for a cat in a bush suburb is under his veggie garden.
Zoe Madden-Smith

How Bali's Tolak Reklamasi Movement, Emboldened by Victory, Is Trying to Tackle the Rest of the Island's Woes

All's not well on the Island of the Gods.
Jed Smith

A Massive Fire at a National Park Has Some Questioning Who All This Tourism Money Really Benefits

One of Indonesia's needed conservation zones just caught fire.
Daniel Darmawan

Trickle Down Economics: The Face of Delhi’s Water Scarcity

A legal dispute between two states, a dying river, and nature have meant that the city has had a few water-strapped years.
Vijay Pandey

Airlines are Producing Millions of Tonnes of Non-Recyclable Waste Every Year

Chemtrails may be the least of our concerns.
Gavin Butler

Highly Intelligent Crows Are Now Being Employed as Garbage Collectors

Today, six trained crows started a new job at a French theme park that looks like a 'Game of Thrones' set.
Beckett Mufson

Photos of Australian Landscapes Ravaged By Humans

From dustbowl farms to incinerated forests—we're really making a mess.
Sam Nichols