PUBG Will Now Impose a 10-Year Ban on Any Player Caught Cheating

After banning more than 30,000 players last year, PUBG has now developed tools and technologies to identify users engaging in unfair practices.


Scientists Want You to Play a Video Game to Help Them Understand Nuclear War

'SIGNAL' is an interesting, if flawed, multiplayer game that tries to simulate decision-making in the high stakes scenario of nuclear war for research purposes.


Japan Is Opening a Hotel Dedicated to E-Sports

The first three floors are solely for gaming, with over 70 computers available to guests.


Teenager in Hyderabad Suffers a Stroke After Playing Too Much PUBG

The 19-year old’s gaming addiction caused a brain blood clot, acute weight loss and dehydration that landed him in the hospital.


How I Gamed My Youth Away

I spent so much time gaming I brought my own mother to tears. I spoke to her about what that time was like for her.


Six Young Gamers Arrested over Counter Strike Match-Fixing Scandal in Australia

The men could face up to 10 years in prison for allegedly losing esports matches on purpose.


A 23-Year-Old Pakistani Has Just Been Crowned Best ‘Tekken 7’ Player In The World

Arslan “Arslan Ash” Saddique was relatively unknown in the competitive circuit a year ago. Today, he’s the world’s best ‘Tekken 7’ player.


How a Group Of Gamers Tracked Down a Quadruple Murder Suspect

When one of their friends said he killed three people and was about to kill another, the members of a gaming forum sprung into action. But they were faced with a terrible situation—the clock was ticking and they had no idea where the alleged killer was.


Burn-Out Has Officially Become A Medical Condition

Can the World Health Organisation classification help increase awareness of the fact that stress from overworking may lead to death?


Meet the Superfans Spending Tens of Thousands on Escape Rooms

“I didn’t think I’d ever be into something so much as I am escape rooms. Now everyone knows me as 'Escape Room Girl.'"


In China, 'Fortnite' Penalises Minors for Playing Too Much

Gamers under the age of 18 have to take regular breaks or face diminishing returns after three hours of playing 'Fortnite.'


Meet the Guy Who Made a Video Game About Pingers, Lads and Nike TNs

In "Big City Earnerz" you run from the cops, spray graffiti, rock Nautica polos, and get to generally enjoy the best of Melbourne.