In Thailand, Activists Are Literally Fighting For Their Lives

“That’s now eight activists who have gone missing. We’re on their ‘wanted’ list too and with all the other targets eliminated, we could be next. We are like calves, waiting to be sent to the slaughterhouse.”
James Buchanan
7 hours ago

I Asked Some MPs About My Request-a-Portrait Story and They Weren't Happy

Hahahahahahahahahaha whoops.
Nicholas Lord

All Australian Citizens Are Legally Entitled to a Portrait of the Queen

Just write to your MP for a sweet one of these.
Nicholas Lord
royal wedding

An Englishman Explains the Royal Wedding to an Increasingly Bewildered Australian

Hey, there's a Royal Wedding happening. You know who really cares about that? Australians. We answered our AU editor's burning questions about it:
Oscar Rickett
Harry Cheadle
Paradise Papers

What the Paradise Papers Tell Us About Our Screwed Up Society

It's weird to think this may be the system functioning as it's supposed to.
Tom Whyman

How Would the UK Actually Scrap the Monarchy, and What Would Happen Next?

A planned £369 million refurbishment to Buckingham Palace has got some people calling for an end to the monarchy. But what exactly would that look like?
Morgan Harries

The Death of Thailand's King Is Turning the Country's Fashion Industry Black

Within the Thai economy, the fashion industry has been heavily affected by the country's mourning ritual of wearing black clothing to honor the late king. Demand for black threads is so high that brands are suffering while street vendors are cashing in.
Dorian Geiger
News of Zealand

Your Monday News of Zealand: Earthquakes on the East Coast and Indian Students Sent Home for Faking Documents

Plus, a woman went on a Balinese holiday and got arrested, while more Kiwis want to see an end to the monarchy.
VICE Staff

Brits Explain Why They're Obsessed with the Queen

It was the Queen's birthday yesterday, so we went to meet the people who'd gathered in Windsor to wave the British flag around and wish her a happy 90th.
Chris Bethell, Photo Assistant: Theo McInnes

Will Malcolm Turnbull Push for an Australian Republic?

As Australia's best know republican, his ascension to power could be what the movement has been waiting for.
Hannah Scholte

Environmentalist Prince Charles Flies 70 Miles to Attend a Polo Match

A flight of that length would burn about 200 gallons of aviation fuel.
Carlton Férment

Prince Philip Is Punk as Fuck

Put the 94-year-old in a leather jacket and shave an inverted mohawk his hair, and nobody would blink.
Joel Golby