Extinction Rebellion Doesn't Give a Shit About London Cops' Protest Ban

The group cofounder climbed a building Tuesday morning — and was promptly arrested.


Maine Cops: Actually, There Are Laws When You're Drinking Claws

The Portland police department says your summer slogan is a lie.


Cities Asked Ring to Share ‘Registry Lists’ of Customers Who Bought Surveillance Cameras

Police want the names and addresses of people who own Ring cameras so they can tap into a private surveillance network.


Police Promised Witnesses Free Ring Surveillance Cameras If They Testified Against Neighbors

The police department of El Monte, CA started a “Ring Reward Program” about a month before it entered a partnership with Ring.


Ring Told People to Snitch on Their Neighbors in Exchange for Free Stuff

Ring helped people form private ‘Digital Neighborhood Watches’ where they report ‘suspicious activity’ in exchange for free Ring products and discounts, according to a presentation obtained by Motherboard.


Revealed: The Secret Scripts Amazon Give to Cops to Promote Ring Surveillance Cameras

Documents obtained by Motherboard reveal that Ring provides 46 standardized comments that cops can post on social media, and several documents with scripted responses to possible questions from the public.


US Cities Are Helping People Buy Amazon Surveillance Cameras Using Taxpayer Money

Documents obtained by Motherboard show that Ring uses partnership and promotional agreements in order to contractually obligate public officials to promote its products.


Cops Teased a Stunt to Ticket People for Good Behavior. It Did Not Go Well

In the same county where Sheriff Joe Arpaio was accused of systematically targeting Latinx people, cops tried to have fun.


Amazon Told Police It Has Partnered With 200 Law Enforcement Agencies

Ring’s partnerships with law enforcement could be far more more widespread than previously reported.


Amazon Requires Police to Shill Surveillance Cameras in Secret Agreement

The Lakeland, Florida police department is required to “encourage adoption” of Ring products as part of a secret agreement with the company.


Internal Documents Show Why the NYPD Tries to Be 'Funny' Online

Documents obtained by Motherboard show that NYPD social media officers are explicitly instructed to “be funny” in order to “build trust” on official social media channels.


Oakland Becomes Third U.S. City to Ban Facial Recognition

Oakland just joined San Francisco, CA and Somerville, MA in banning the use of facial recognition.