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Democrats Just Got Another Path to Senate Control — Through Georgia

A surprise retirement gives Dems another potential pickup opportunity as they aim for the minimum of three seats they need.
Cameron Joseph

Giving Fetuses Legal Rights Could Be a Nightmare for Women, Advocates Say

"This is a statute that arguably makes every criminal law applicable to the pregnant women."
Carter Sherman

Imprisoning Women and Not Covering Birth Control Are Now on the Table in the Abortion Fight

Anti-abortion legislators are no longer just trying to chip away at Roe. They’re going after it with an ax.
Carter Sherman
Noisey News

Ty Dolla $ign Indicted on Felony Drug Charges, Facing 15 Years in Prison

The indictment stems from the rapper's arrest in Atlanta, Georgia, in September.
Alex Robert Ross
true crime

The Quest to Pin the 90s Murder of a CIA Agent on the KGB

Twenty-five years ago, an American spy in Georgia was killed, supposedly by a drunken villager. Michael Pullara didn't buy that.
Alex Norcia
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This Woman Spent Months in Jail Because Cops Thought Her Old Cotton Candy Was Meth

Just to be clear: Not meth. Cotton candy.
River Donaghey
2018 election

Republicans Are Working Feverishly to Stop Minorities from Voting

Ahead of the most hyped midterms in recent years, progressives are fighting to turn out their voters while Republicans are trying to block them.
Eoin Higgins
2018 election

This Georgia Progressive Is Going to Vote Against Her Trumpist Uncle

She says he's very different than the gun-toting persona he portrays in his aggressive campaign ads.
Sean Keenan
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Watch a Waitress Take Down a Creep Who Groped Her

Justice was served.
Nicole Clark
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This Grandma Seems Pretty Chill About Strangling a Bobcat with Her Bare Hands

"It was either me or the cat, and it was going to be the cat that day."
River Donaghey

The Long Journey to Remember One of History's Worst Lynching Massacres

Mary Turner and her unborn baby were killed by a racist mob in 1918 in an atrocity that was nearly forgotten.
Michael Sainato
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This Unlicensed Surgeon Filmed Rap Videos While Operating on Her Patients

Videos show Dr. Windell Boutte singing and dancing to everything from "Bad and Boujee" to "Brick House" while her patients appear unconscious on the operating table.
Drew Schwartz