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Hey, Billie Joe Armstrong's Surprise New EP Is Pretty Good!

The Longshot, which seems to feature the Green Day frontman's son Joey on drums, quietly released a self-titled three-song sampler overnight. I like it!


Rivers Cuomo Played a Solo Show and Covered 'Dookie'-Era Green Day Twice

"When I Come Around" and "Basket Case" featured in the Weezer frontman's 27 song set on Monday in Chicago.


Listen to a Lovely Green Day Cover Album for Hurricane Relief Efforts

Organized by members of Pinegrove and friends, 'Earth Day' benefits victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.


A Conversation with Billie Joe Armstrong: "The Rats Have Taken Over The Fucking House"

The Green Day frontman sits down to discuss the current state of American politics, Green Day's new album, and the role of punk in 2016.


Selfies, Screams and Sad Monsters: One Fucked Up Night at the MTV Europe Music Awards

Welcome to a world where reality is left at the door.


Think Long and Hard About Life and What It All Means By Watching These Videos of Green Day

The band took to Rough Trade NYC over the weekend to play a career-spanning 23-song setlist of hot shit.


25 Things That Are As #Woke As Green Day

We proudly present to you the MVPs of today’s trans-global information age. Take this, world!


CBGB Isn’t “The Fucking Notre Dame”, Punk Died Long Before Then

We interviewed Mark Perry, founder of the fanzine Sniffin’ Glue, about capitalism, counter culture, and whether or not punk can happen again.


An Emotional and Cultural History of the First Two American Pie Soundtracks

For all its faults, the franchise assembled the optimum musical accompaniment to being young, dumb, and horny.