Notting HIll Carnival

Notting HIll Carnival

The Rain Was Never Going to Dampen Carnival

Still, another successful year hasn't stopped certain sections of the British media from focusing on all the wrong things.
VICE Staff
Notting HIll Carnival

These Vegan Jerk Mushrooms Are Notting Hill Carnival Chef-Approved

Jerk chicken is a Carnival staple, but thanks to vegan YouTuber Rachel Ama and veteran chef Mangrove Fats, a meat-free option is now on the menu.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

These Artists Are Battling the Dilution of Caribbean Sound System Culture

GAIKA's 'SYSTEM' exhibit in London and the New York-set film 'Más Fuerte' show how gentrification could change Carnival if we're not careful.
Kamila Rymajdo
Notting HIll Carnival

Why Notting Hill Carnival Matters More than Usual in 2018

After this year's Windrush deportation scandal, we speak to Brits of Afro-Caribbean descent about the build-up to this annual celebration.
Precious Adesina
Nightlife Isn't Dead

Why There Was Anti-Boiler Room Graffiti at Carnival

The livestream giant's increased involvement in the event has come under intense criticism.
Angus Harrison
Notting HIll Carnival

How Carnival Honoured Grenfell

The events of mid-June hung over celebrations, but many saw Carnival as a prime opportunity to reclaim the streets around the tower and memorialise victims.
Kieran Yates

... It's A Selection of Photographs From Notting Hill Carnival!

How glorious.
Noisey UK Staff

Glitter, Wining and Sun: Notting Hill Carnival in Photos

Photographer Charlie Kwai went along to capture what he saw.
Charlie Kwai
Grenfell Tower Fire

The Response to the Grenfell Tower Fire Is Still a Farce

Residents vented their frustration at officials this week.
Simon Childs

The MUNCHIES Guide to Notting Hill Carnival

As London gears up for the annual Caribbean culture celebration, Carnival veteran Adrian Luckie of street food stall Mama’s Jerk Station shares his wisdom on eating your way through Europe’s biggest street party.
Munchies Staff
Notting HIll Carnival

How Notting Hill Carnival Will Be Responding to Grenfell

How do you balance solemn tribute and an ongoing quest for truth with Europe's biggest street party?
Juliet Rix
Notting HIll Carnival

Here's a List of Festivals That Have More Crime Than Carnival

Carnival has a much lower proportion of arrests than V Festival, Glastonbury or even Latitude - so why do the police single it out as a danger to the public?
Patrick Heardman