How it Feels to Discover Your Son Was the Secret Founder of Silk Road

Ross Ulbricht is serving a life sentence for creating the world's first online drug marketplace. We spoke to his mum Lyn about their journey.
Samantha Elliott

All the News You Want to Read This Morning

Smaller firms should publish their gender pay gap too, say MPs.
VICE Staff
Privacy and Perception Issue

The Affirming – But Bittersweet – Experience of Watching YouTube Coming-Out Videos

I expected the clips from LGBTQ vloggers to be too earnest and saccharine, but I fell down the wormhole anyway.
Amelia Abraham
Privacy and Perception Issue

As a Teen, I Was Haunted By the Sexual Persona I Created to Protect Myself

The person I created on the internet shielded me from the slut-shaming I endured at the hands of high school bullies. Rather than let their words break me, I molded my online image to embody sexuality.
Eda Yu
Privacy and Perception Issue

The Loneliness – and Comfort – of Being Online

I’m into the internet as a gateway to systems of care – the kind of care that turns a sad finsta post into a spontaneous visit, a phone call, a gift; turns a silent question into 1,000 late-night answers, turns the monster within into a collective hum.
Aisha Mirza
Privacy and Perception Issue

Finding Ourselves Online, Offline, and the Spaces in Between

Editors from VICE Magazine and Broadly explain why this year's annual photo issue – in collaboration with Broadly – explores the theme of Privacy and Perception.
Lindsay Schrupp
Elizabeth Renstrom
Sarah Burke
Zing Tsjeng
The Privacy and Perception Issue

I Was Tricked into Becoming a Cam Girl at 18

It all started with a mysterious MSN message asking me if I'd like to be a model.
Sarah Hurtes

All the Photos You’ll See on Tinder

Happy swiping, friends.
Allison Tierney

Melania Tells Governors, Not Her Husband, About the Need for 'Positive Social Media'

FLOTUS touted the importance of "limiting time online" and talked about the "evils" of "negative social media interactions".
Lauren Messman

What Everyone Can Learn from Sex Workers About How to Screen Dates

Ten pieces of advice to read before meeting a random from the internet.
Allison Tierney

I Tried to Find the Meaning of Happiness on Chatroulette

In my quest to understand one of life's biggest mysteries, I saw tons of dicks, got virtual sex requests and heard some pretty philosophical stuff from the 80 people still on Chatroulette.
Ebony-Renee Baker

Your Opinion Is Far More Persuasive if You Speak it

A new study finds we like people when we hear their voice, even if we don't like what they say.
VICE Staff