Can This Save Us?

I Tried Alternative Therapies to See If They Could Help Me

In an age of anxiety, wellness trends are booming – could isolation tanks and gong baths hold an answer?
Hannah Ewens

I Completed a Day of ~Wellness~ for Less Than a Tenner

You don't have to spend four grand on crystals to feel slightly better than you do right now.
Rosie Hewitson
Wellness Lies

'Natural' Sugars Are Not Better for You Than Regular Sugar

Experts tell us why using agave, coconut sugar, raw honey, maple syrup or any other sweetener with a health halo is not going to make you any healthier.
Emily Cassel

How 'Wellness' Has Moved Into the Realm of Period Pain

As the wellness trend continues to influence more and more aspects of our lives, it makes sense that some women are using it to deal with pain relief.
Niloufar Haidari

I Got 'Brain Surgery' from a Doctor Whose Card I Found in the Street

I had an hour-long immersive experience in a bid to relax. But what am I really paying for?
Daisy Jones
You're Smarter Than That

There's No Such Thing as 'Sweating Out Toxins'

"Doesn’t smelly sweat mean something evil is leaving my body?"
Tracey Duncan
Views My Own

Give Up On Your New Year’s Resolution Now

Or prove me wrong. Spite is a great motivator.
Jaik Puppyteeth
Fighting Words

Celebrities Need to Stop Endorsing Detox Teas

Cardi B is the last person I'd expect to go full Kim Kardashian on me with this weight-loss product endorsement.
Rajul Punjabi
Phys Ed

Losing Weight Doesn't Have to Get Harder as You Age

Your metabolism slows as you age, which makes it harder to lose weight. Here's how to fight those effects.
Grant Stoddard
Fighting Words

I Escaped the Cult of Wellness

"Wild Wild Country" reminds me of my upbringing.
Lily Diamond
Will This Save Me?

I Had My 'Aura' Photographed to See If It Would Save Me

In this new column, I look for the spiritual, wellness or magical cure that’ll definitely make me completely whole.
Hannah Ewens

My Day of Wellness Made Me Feel Like Crap

Cupping. Guided Meditation. Alternate nostril breathing. Cryotherapy. Sensory deprivation float tank. I did it all – and more – on the same day.
Nick Greene