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Skepta Is Just As Over Trump's Nuclear Bullshit As the Rest of Us

He took to Twitter to say what everyone was thinking.

by Lauren O'Neill
Jan 3 2018, 2:36pm

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A man of the people before anything else, Skepta often finds himself voicing opinions that many others share. That was the case in the early hours of this morning when he wrote out the tweet equivalent of an eye roll in response to Donald Trump's latest Kim Jong Un-related piss fit, in which he boasted that he also has a "Nuclear Button" (caps Trump's own), and that it is "a much bigger & more powerful one" than Kim Jong Un's. Welcome, friends, to the 21st Century, where America is run by a child who talks about the most dangerous weapons in the world as if they were toy cars. Come on in.

Anyway, Skepta's response:

It's good because it treats Trump's posturing with the indifference it deserves. Instead of the usual "THREAD; 1/47" Twitter reactions that the President usually provokes, Skepta reacts as if he were speaking to an overexcited kid talking about how good they are at FIFA. Maybe on top of that Mercury Prize Skep might consider a move into politics? We'd appreciate it to be honest.

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