Blink 182


Blink-182's Big, Dumb, Anti-Christmas Spirit Lives On

"I Won't Be Home for Christmas" stood alone as a misanthropic pop-punk holiday anthem for two decades. One emo-rap prodigy might finally change that.
Alex Robert Ross
Aliens exist

Tom DeLonge’s UFO Organization Has a $37.4 Million Deficit

A recent filing with the SEC from To the Stars Academy “raise doubts about the company’s ability to continue.”
Daniel Oberhaus
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Watch New Declassified Footage of a Navy Encounter with a UFO

If you’re wondering whether Blink 182 is somehow involved in this, the answer is "yes, of course they are."
Mack Lamoureux
Noisey News

Fyre Festival Promoter Billy McFarland Bought Blink-182 a $160k Yacht

So obviously I thought of a bunch of other shit he could've spent the money on instead.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

Tom DeLonge's UFO Research Project Seems Increasingly Legit

A 'New York Times' report confirmed that Luis Elizondo ran the secretive Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program at the Pentagon before moving to the ex-Blink-182 member's To The Stars Academy.
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Here's Blink-182 Playing in a Living Room for Steve Aoki's 40th Birthday

"Nobody likes you when you're 40, Steve"
Lauren O'Neill
Fast Food

Taco Bell Hints that It Might Start Serving Fries

It all started when Blink 182 singer Mark Hoppus tweeted about the rivalry between Taco Bell and Del Taco.
Hilary Pollack
Noisey News

Tom DeLonge Loves Space So Much He Started a Space Research Company

Maybe 'Aliens Exist' after all! Haha!
Lauren O'Neill
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Eminem's Manager Paul Rosenberg Will Be CEO of Def Jam

Reports say he'll assume a top executive position in 2018.
Noisey Staff
Noisey News

Tom DeLonge’s Latest Facebook Message Is Extremely Cryptic

The Blink-182 co-founder needs your attention for a minute so he can baffle you senseless.
Noisey Staff

Witches Respond to Allegations that Some Guy From Blink-182 Hexed Fyre Fest

"If Blink-182 was any good at witchcraft there would have been a point in their career where they weren't a laughingstock."
Sarah Lyons
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump Jr. kind of expresses regret about Russian lawyer meet, Syrian monitoring group says ISIS leader dead, Republicans prep revised healthcare bill, and more.
VICE Staff