BTS Were Total Pros on 'SNL,' As Expected

They were the first K-pop group to perform on the sketch comedy show. Watch their rendition of "Boy with Luv" here.


We Asked Halsey Fans About Their All-Time Favorite Emo Albums

"Sorry but emo is dead—we’re all Instagram whores now."


All the Good Pop Choruses Have Gone on Vacation Today

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Halsey Should Be the Speaker at Every Damn Function She Chooses

While being honored as an endometriosis spokesperson on Monday, she spoke honestly about her experience of living with the painful condition.


Halsey Gave a Righteous, Moving Speech at NYC's Women's March

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The VICE Morning Bulletin

Attorneys general to sue President Trump over foreign payments, Puerto Rico opts for US statehood in disputed (non-binding) vote, Russian opposition leader detained ahead of Moscow rally, and more.


Zedd Explains Why Trump's Travel Ban Led Him to Produce an ACLU Benefit Show

He said he likes the ACLU because it isn't "necessarily anti-Trump" and "fights for everyone's liberties."


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Best Vocalist: Kai Proved 2016 Belonged to Female Voices

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