Hemp Is Good, but Probably Won't Save America's Struggling Farmers

Experts worry that hemp advocates have overhyped its potential as a cash crop.
Austyn Gaffney

This $100 Million Noah's Ark Theme Park Is a Boring, Homophobic Mess

Kentucky's Ark Encounter theme park was designed to be entertaining to Creationists and non-Creationists alike. I was not entertained.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
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This Valedictorian Tricked His Trump-Loving Town into Cheering Obama

"I just thought it was a really good quote,” the rogue valedictorian said.
Drew Schwartz

Somehow, the Ridiculous War on Hemp Is Still Going On

Though more and more farmers are growing the crop, a patchwork of federal and state laws are still holding many back.
Amy Martyn
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Schumer withdraws border wall offer, teenager facing murder charges after school shooting, Trump said to ask acting FBI director how he voted, and more.
VICE Staff

The Volunteers Helping Women Get Abortions Against All Odds

In a state that may soon become the first without an abortion clinic, the Kentucky Health Justice Network is connecting people with safe reproductive healthcare, no matter what.
Lyndsey Gilpin
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Lawmaker accused of molesting teen girl dead from apparent suicide, House and Senate have tentative deal on tax bill, Russell Simmons accused of rape by several women, and more.
VICE Staff
true crime

The Bizarre Unsolved Murder of Harry Dean Stanton's Niece

An interview with Robert G. Lawson, the author of 'Who Killed Betty Gail Brown?: Murder, Mistrial, and Mystery.'
Seth Ferranti
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Rand Paul's Neighbor Allegedly Attacked Him and Broke Five of His Ribs

Rene Boucher reportedly tackled the Republican senator while he was out mowing his lawn.
Drew Schwartz
american conventions

Inside the World's Largest Ventriloquist Convention

VICE met roughly 500 puppeteers who gather at Vent Haven every year to buy new dummies, perform, and trade techniques.
VICE Staff
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Here Are All the Places Tearing Down Their Confederate Monuments

City and state officials across the country have vowed to remove testaments to the Confederacy in the wake of Charlottesville.
Drew Schwartz

Powerful Portraits Capture When Home No Longer Feels Like Home

Rachael Banks' three-part photo series reveals the struggles of coming back to her Kentucky family after leaving to start her own life.
Andrew Nunes