Los Angeles

Tech news

Southern California Was Just Hit With Its Biggest Earthquake In Years

It’s still too early to tell the amount of damage caused by the quake.
Mack Lamoureux
food news

This Ice Cream Truck Owner Hates Influencers So Much He Charges Them Double

Joe Nicchi of LA's CVT Soft Serve instituted the policy after getting a request to serve a 300-person event in exchange for "exposure."
Jelisa Castrodale

The Best Places for Late-Night Eats in Los Angeles

The City of Angels is home to some of the best, most diverse, and most affordable late-night and 24-hour eats of any city anywhere.
VICE Staff
food news

Iconic LA Deli Facing Backlash After Allegedly Asking Two Women Not to Kiss

“He... told us that he ‘can't have this in his restaurant because some of the customers don’t understand,’” the woman's Instagram post read.
Jelisa Castrodale

How the 1 Percent Gets High

Wealthy stoners are skipping $750 bongs in favor of cannabis consultants and heirloom weed.
Cole Kazdin
Games News

That Gaming Handheld With a Crank Asked a Queer Games Showcase to Change Its Name

The developers behind the upcoming Playdate quickly backed off their request, but not before completely stepping in it.
Patrick Klepek

Last Call: Meet the Karaoke Savant of LA’s Wild, Celebrity-Studded Koreatown Bar Scene

“You gotta do it. It’s like Fight Club. This is Sing Club. If this is your very first night at a karaoke bar, you have to sing.”
Jill Kapinus

Long Walks Were the Antidote to My Fear of Failure

The meditation of walking in a city is not as internal as that of hiking. You do not lose yourself in the silence; rather, you melt into the physical beat of observation.
Judnick Mayard

I’ve Gotten Super into Queer Afterhours Parties in My 50s

In Los Angeles, the afterhours scene is creating some of the most radical queer spaces I’ve ever seen.
Jeff Leavell

Meet the Superfans Spending Tens of Thousands on Escape Rooms

“I didn’t think I’d ever be into something so much as I am escape rooms. Now everyone knows me as 'Escape Room Girl.'"
Justin Caffier

Legendary 'Boyz N the Hood' Director John Singleton Has Died

He was 51.
River Donaghey

A New Pop-Up Tries to Make Women's Financial Inequality Instagram-Worthy

Money clips that read “future millionaire” are sold next to earrings that demand we “eat the rich.” Should I be questioning the system, or thriving inside of it? The company doesn’t seem to know the answer.
Renée Reizman