Martial Arts


How Onna-Bugeisha, Feudal Japan's Women Samurai, Were Erased From History

While most Japanese women were subject to rigid social expectations of domesticity, onna-bugeisha women warriors who were known to be to be every bit as strong, capable, and courageous as their male counterparts


Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Kung Fu Master

"Monks train really hard, so they're able to tow a car with their penis."


Liam Neeson's Stunt Double Taught Me a Particular Set of Skills

Under the tutelage of Neeson's long-time stunt coordinator Mark Vanselow, I got to look like a badass battling my way through a train car of goons.


Fighting Fascism at the UK's Feminist Antifa Martial Arts Gym

Solstar in North London describes itself as a "red gym" run on left-wing principles. Founders Ella Gilbert and Paula Lamont explain how boxing can be a form of political resistance.


Powerful Photographs Challenging Gender Roles in an Indian Martial Arts School

Photographer Nadja Wohlleben's new series 'A Sword & A Sari' explores self-defense and female empowerment in the Republic of India


The Secret Behind the Craziest Stunts in Action Movies

No Hollywood magic required.


Tenshin Nasukawa: Kickboxing Messiah

The Japanese star is very much the real deal.


This May Be the Most Intense Roundhouse Kick We've Ever Seen

It's like regular karate, but much more abbreviated.


Beware the Russian Speed Slap Warriors of YouTube

Thanks to Reddit, we get to revisit the art of “Russian systema.”


Learn to Fight with the Kung Fu-Trained Nuns of the Himalayas

Women at the Druk Gawa Khilwa nunnery on the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal meditate and lead Buddhist prayers. They also train in combat.


Uru-Can, the Obscure Form of Martial Arts Created by the Brazilian Army

Created by the Paratroopers Armed Forces in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Uru-Can blends Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. There are approximately 500 people in the country who practice it.