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What UT, USC, and Georgetown Students Are Saying About the College Cheating Scam

"We also do have that moniker of 'University of Spoiled Children' for a reason."
Allie Conti

Cam Models Tell Us How Much Money They Are Really Making

Cammers tell us about their startup costs, hours, and how much they make getting naked for strangers.
Graham Isador
Late Capitalism

'Universal Rent Control' Is the Left-Wing Dream That's Actually Happening

Capping the amount that landlords can raise what you owe every year is no longer a total fantasy.
Ankita Rao
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Even Millennials with Money Are Miserable Now

If you're not submerged in debt or the victim of a scam, you're still probably overwhelmed by worry about the future.
Alex Norcia

Why Dating Rich People When You're Broke Can Be So Awful

It’s easy to think of hooking up with someone well-off as a form of redistributive justice, but you need to be honest about where the power lies.
Alex Moore

I Tested the Saving Technique That Promises Retirement at 40

The FIRE—"financial independence, retire early"—movement is all about hoarding enough cash before investing it and living off the dividends.
Hayden Vernon

What I Learned About Millionaires at Vancouver’s International Boat Show

Turns out most attendees aren’t insanely rich, they’re just faking it for the ‘gram.
Laura Bell
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This Is How People Can Actually Afford to Live in Chicago

"There are no poor white neighborhoods in Chicago.”
Meghan Murphy-Gill
true crime

The Rich Kid Accused of Killing His Mom and Hiding the Body with 'Girlfriends'

Jared Eng is charged with killing his mother, and two women are accused of helping him move the corpse.
Allie Conti
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Young People Are Doomed by Student Loans, Not the National Debt

Rich old people love to freak out about the budget deficit. They are ignoring a much bigger issue.
Matt Taylor

'The Doctor and Nancy,' Today's Comic by Alex Krokus

For a sack of money a doctor gives his patient some very useful advice.
Alex Krokus
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This Is What Trump Quietly Screwing the Poor Looks Like

Predators who target desperate people with payday loans were going to get regulated. Then they threw some money around.
David Dayen