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This Therapist Wanted a Client with Mob Ties to Help Her Bash a Guy's Face In, FBI Says

She also allegedly asked to have one of his arms broken so that he "can't do push-ups."
Allie Conti
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This ‘Diaper Bandit’ Allegedly Scattered Poop Across New Jersey for Ten Months

Just because he thought it was funny, apparently.
River Donaghey
Jersey, Sure

Deer Suck

They're stupid. Plus, one almost killed me.
Alex Norcia
local legends

Jersey's Weedman Is the Hero America Needs

He's a perpetual thumb in the eye of the establishment.
Alex Norcia

Arguments About Trump Have Been Ruining the Jersey Shore All Summer

Supporters and opponents of the president have been rubbing elbows at the beach, with combustable results.
David J. Dent
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Everyone's Really Acting Like an Adult in the New 'Jersey Shore' Trailer

They're all heading to Vegas, which is apparently a great place for babies and weddings.
Alex Norcia
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The Infamous Accused High School Pooper Is Suing the Cops for $1 Million

The internet-famous former school superintendent is fighting back.
Nicole Clark
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Superintendent Resigns After Allegedly Pooping on High School Track Daily

But he's not going down without a fight.
Drew Schwartz
Jersey, Sure

I Became a Caddy at Trump's Golf Club Doing What Trump Does Best: Lying

Carrying a bag was a big part of the job. Even bigger? Massaging the egos of very rich men.
Alex Norcia
summer is the worst

Summer PSA: When Beach Umbrellas Attack

Just another reason to stay inside until fall.
River Donaghey
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This Hero Commuter Paddleboarded Across the Hudson to Make a Meeting

Ferry riders spotted the guy paddling across the river wearing his business suit.
River Donaghey
Mass Shooting

I Watched the Local Art Show I Love Turn into Deadly Chaos

One of New Jersey's most well-known graffiti artists talks about the night that ended in a mass shooting—and how to keep Trenton going.
Leon Rainbow