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'Mr. Avo Head' Is the Worst Branded April Fool's Stunt of the Year

"True to character, the healthy, hipster Mr. Avo Head will sport a man bun and well-groomed beard, trendy sneakers, skinny jeans and will be listening to all the latest beats."
River Donaghey

Danny Duncan's 'Virginity Rocks' Tour Is YouTube Come to Life

His live show is an hour-long, unrehearsed mishmash, including a dance-off between little people, haircuts for his fans, and jousting matches onstage.
Alex Norcia
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This Teen Got Suspended for Trying to Sell His High School on Craigslist

Only $12,725!
River Donaghey
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Secret Service Interviewed Hero Who Sent Treasury Secretary a Box of Shit

Psychologist Robby Strong, who claims to be behind the prank, hopes his frat boy antics will inspire activism.
Allie Conti
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This YouTuber Cemented His Head Inside a Microwave and Almost Died

All for that sweet, sweet internet glory.
Drew Schwartz
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Teens Disguised as Talking Bushes Are Tearing a Small Town Apart

The pranksters had been hiding near a small New Jersey park and saying hello to passersby, which some residents found pretty funny. Others wanted them arrested.
Drew Schwartz
Can't Handle the Truth

That Viral Clown Protest of 'It' Was Fake News

The too-good-to-be-true story was actually just a publicity stunt to promote the movie.
Mike Pearl
Art pranks

A List of the Times People Mistook Totally Random Objects for Art

Remembering some of our favorite pranks in the art world and beyond.
Eleanor Lambert

A Visual Guide to the Weirdest April Fool's Pranks Possible

Photographers Jessica Pettway and Samantha Friend take it to the next level on this blessed day.
Jessica Pettway and Samantha Friend

'Cousin Grampa Watches Citizen Kane,' Today's Comic by Michael Kupperman

Cousin Grampa watches 'Citizen Kane.' Remember the part when the mayor says "You're a Citizen, Kane!"
Michael Kupperman
Los Angeles

These Guys Claim They're Responsible for the 'Hollyweed' Sign

Zach Fernandez and Sarah Fern say they used fabric and clamps to alter the iconic LA landmark.
Justin Caffier

What Our Love of Sadistic Pranks Tells Us About Ourselves

Scientists know where fear comes from—it's triggered by the feeling of losing control or being rendered powerless in some way. But why is it now a cultural obsession?
Lara Williams