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We Now Have Hard Proof the Game Can't Keep People's Names Out of His Mouth

A scholar went through the Game's entire discography and made charts to count how many times he name-drops Dr. Dre, 2Pac, 50 Cent and many, many other rappers.


What It's Like to Be Hit on By a Pick-Up Artist

Artist Angela Washko took a deep dive into the pick-up artist community to create an immersive video game that allows its players to interact with "seduction gurus"—from a safe distance.


'LA Confidential' Is Still Relevant and 'The Game' Is Still Weird as Hell

We look back at the films that defined the fall of 1997 in our new column.


One Time for "One Blood," the Hugest Rap Posse Cut, Ever, of All Time

Obviously, with 24 rappers, it had to include Lil Wayne.


Ohio State Crosses Out (Almost) All 'M's on Campus Before Michigan Game

This weekend marks the 112th edition of The Game, and Ohio State is not messing around.


I Might Have Been the Last Person in America to Learn Who Won the Election

I just found out this morning. What the fuck, people?


A Year of Lil Wayne: Happy Halloween from Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has never been a master of horror, but he is a master of mischief.


PREMIERE: Get Sweaty on the Dance Floor with Oscar & The Wolf's "The Game"

Dark dancefloors and darker desires. The latest Neon Gold signee is already playing 20,000 seater venues back home in Belgium and here's a little taster of why.


Gentleman of the Year, The Game Compares His Former Friendship with 50 Cent to a Vagina

Somehow, Rihanna, Kehlani, and TIDAL get pulled into this.


An Interview with Rock's Greatest Interviewer, Neil Strauss

The writer who has made Lady Gaga cry and had Julian Casablancas try to kiss him talks about how he gets his subjects to open up.