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Steve Carrell and an 'Office' Creator Are Turning Trump's Space Force into a Show

The Netflix series is called, naturally, 'Space Force.'
River Donaghey
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Turn Your Office into 'The Office' with This Incredible Prop Auction

Including a pair of Dwight Schrute's nunchucks.
River Donaghey
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Here's the 'Office' and 'Jack Ryan' Mashup You Didn't Know You Needed

Jim and Dwight are back in the most ambitious cross-over event in history.
River Donaghey

Being Afraid of Horror Movies Helped John Krasinski Direct 'A Quiet Place'

'The Office' actor tells us how frightening it was to make his directing debut.
Noel Ransome
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A Woman Saved a Drowning Squirrel Using CPR She Learned on 'The Office'

Dunder-Mifflin's bad CPR training just saved a real life.
River Donaghey
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'The Office' Might Be Coming Back for Another Season

It's still unclear which cast members could make a return, but we definitely won't be seeing more of Steve Carell.
River Donaghey

The Mockumentary Is Dead, Long Live the Mockumentary

The comedic subgenre used to be ubiquitous—then, it wasn't. What happened?
Tyler Watamanuk

Ricky Gervais Just Won't Shut Up

The loquacious comedian on politics, finding common ground, and why he's like a rock star.
Larry Fitzmaurice
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An Ivy League A Capella Group Got Booted for Hazing with Icy Hot

Pledges also had to "race up and down a street and then consume foods," according to the school's report.
Drew Schwartz

Workplace Lessons I Learned from NBC’s 'The Office' After It Was Too Late

Do yourself a favor and watch all nine seasons before starting your next job.
Jay Stephens

How the New 'Office' Spinoff Will Destroy Ricky Gervais's Comedic Legacy

Is it the curse of the auteur or the byproduct of success that means comedy greats like Gervais and Seth MacFarlane are hell-bent on breaking what they made?
Joe Bish
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An Interview with Rashida Jones About Her Porn Documentary, 'Hot Girls Wanted'

We talked to the "Parks and Recreation" star about her shift to being behind the camera and the documentary she recently produced on Miami's amateur porn industry.
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