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  • 'NEO: The World Ends with You' Has Style but Lacks the Edge of the Original

    NEO tries to satisfy both a new fanbase and the old. It doesn't succeed particularly well at either.

  • 'Anthem' Could Be Great Someday. Today Is Not That Day.

    I was ready for 'Anthem' to be my Destiny, splitting the difference between dropping colored objects and telling cool stories. It feels great to fly, but it has a long way to go.

  • An Interview with the Man Behind the Internet's Best Video Game Reviews

    ​Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw's "Zero Punctuation" series should be your point of reference every time you think about throwing some cash at a new video game.

  • Video Games Killed The Radio Star

    CALL OF DUTY 4: MODERN WARFARELet’s get one thing straight right from the start here: I am a total, utter, disgusting Call of Duty 3 addict. I slip on that Xbox 360 headset, log on to a multiplayer game

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    SHADOW THE HEDGEHOGThe doctor told me to stop playing computer games in 1999 because he said a lot of the games brought on my epilepsy and I’d just blackout if the graphics got too freaky

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    RESIDENT EVIL 4When did video games start to get good again? All year I’ve been pissing away my life playing shit like Gran Tursimo 89, Gloria Hunniford’s Happy Shopper 5 and

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    Despite the excellent Manhunt being a game where you play a muscled guy in a vest who gropes other muscled guys in vests in alleyways, nobody has actually pointed out that the whole "stealth" genre may be a training tool/masturbation aid for in...

  • Games Reviews - The Literature Issue

    OK. Right off the bat, hands down, no contest, Return to Castle Wolfenstein has the best graphics I’ve seen in any video game ever.

  • The Liar, The Bitch and The Wardrobe

    1997 was a special time. If you weren't working for a dot-com, you were reaping the rewards of their overspending somewhere down the line.

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    Game reviews: tennis and NFL.