lime juice

  • Tequila Gimlet Recipe

    Carlos Salazar’s takes on a classic by swapping out gin for tequila and a squeeze of lime.

  • Bloody Batra Recipe

    Like a Bloody Mary, but with lime juice.

  • Shrimp Po'Boys Recipe

    Fried shrimp po'boys dressed with a spicy mayo, crisp lettuce, and red onions.

  • Ginger-Garlic Pork Ribs Recipe

    Salty-sweet baby back ribs garnished with cilantro and crispy garlic.

  • Classic Paloma

    Arguably more refreshing than a margarita, this classic cocktail is always a good idea.

  • MUNCHIES Punch Recipe

    This refreshing recipe calls for Costco's house-brand booze, but you can use whatever añejo tequila you have on hand.