• Peruvian Soul Food Is Made with Natural Viagra

    Maca, the radish-like root vegetable used in traditional Peruvian cooking, has joined teff and freekeh as another grainy “superfood.” High in nutrients, some Peruvian chefs say the powder can also boost sexual function.

  • Australia’s Potato Rebel Wants to Give You Free Spuds

    In protest of the state’s regulated market, Western Australian potato mogul Tony Galati is literally giving away 200 tonnes of spuds this very second.

  • Beet Kvass Recipe

    A tangy, earthy tonic that's full of probiotics. Sip on this when you're trying to be healthy, or add some booze for an instant cocktail.

  • How-To: Make Beet Kvass with Cortney Burns

    At San Francisco's Bar Tartine, Cortney Burns shows us how to make beet kvass, a brightly colored, probiotic, naturally fermented drink that's great on its own or poured into a beer, pickleback-style.

  • How-To: Make a Gin-Based Bloody Mary

    Everyone seems to know someone who claims to have the best Bloody Mary recipe, but we'll bet they've never thought to swap in gin instead of vodka. Austin-based bartender Chris Bostick shows us how to make one of these glorious beverages.