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Men Spike Women's Drinks More Often Than You Think

Previous research has suggested that the risk of being drugged is an overblown urban myth. But a 2016 study says that drink spiking is very real and often leads to sexual assault for women on college campuses.


Both Parents’ Drinking Habits Matter When They’re Trying to Have a Baby

Reproductive health has long focused on the pregnant person's behavior—but their partner's lifestyle is important, too.


Highly Relatable Raccoons Busted for Being Day-Drunk in Residential Neighbourhood

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How to Look After Your Mental Health as a Student

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Photos of Japan's Office Workers During Their 60-Hour Weeks

Sleeping on the street is socially acceptable in Japan, where nightly overtime is normal.


The Eight Checkpoints of a Student Night Out in 2019

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Giving Up Drinking Changed My Life

I’d been using alcohol to treat my anxiety, but it wasn’t helping.