Listen to Move D's Mean and Moody New Single, "Roll Split"

This cut from his new EP is even tastier than a bottle of Echo Falls.

Mar 14 2017, 9:24pm

Right, here's one for you: take yourself to the quietest place you can, and once you get there, ruminate on the following question—do you reckon you like anything on this earth as much as Move D likes red wine? Really think about it. Think about it with all your might. Think about it until your brain starts to slide out of your nostrils and your eyeballs are set upon by maggot after maggot. No. You don't. The man is never seen behind the decks without a glass of velvety rogue to sip on. Nothing in this world, in your life, gives you as much joy as a decent glass of Merlot does to him. Sad!

But hey, don't get too down about it. If you can drag your own corpse back from the woods we've got a real treat for you. No, it isn't a caseload of Echo Falls, sadly, but they do a great deal on those down at Majestic Wine anyway. It is actually a brand new song by Move D himself! That you can listen to right here, for free, before anyone in the world—apart from a few DJs—has. Isn't that exciting? Doesn't that make all of life's strifes and struggles worth it?

The track—a moody chugger named "Roll Split"—is taken from the German producer/DJ/grape-lover's latest EP on the Berlin label Away. If you like the sound of this, you'll love what's on the B-side—new material by Move D and Reagenz's project. You'll have to buy the thing when it comes out later this month to hear that though. Boo!

AWAY004 is out on the 24th of March.

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