One-Skillet Crispy Skin Salmon Recipe

Achieve perfectly-crisped salmon skin—and your entire meal—all in one cast-iron skillet.
Farideh Sadeghin
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Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Naming an Animal After Your Ex and Having It Killed

"Let our 1,000-pound brown bears tear into your ex."
River Donaghey

How Canadians Bankrolled the World's First Genetically Engineered Food Animal

Taxpayers have invested $8.2 million in the development of a rapid-growth salmon that first hit shelves last year.
Christopher Pollon
Trade deals

After 8 years in the making, Canada’s trade deal with the EU takes effect

Get ready for cheaper European chocolates and cheeses
Vanmala Subramaniam
public services

I Broke Some Old Laws in Front of Police to See If They’d Arrest Me

And made some commuters feel very uncomfortable in the process.
Oobah Butler

Life, Salmon, and the Future for the 'Namgis​ First Nation

The community, which has long relied on fishing, sees farmed salmon as an existential threat.
Hannah Griffin

Mount Polley Mine’s Headquarters Raided Six Months After Massive Spill

Four government agencies executed four search warrants as part of a joint investigation into the mining disaster. Meanwhile, Imperial Metals' Red Chris mine in northern BC started digging.
Sarah Berman

Environmentalists Couldn’t Stop the Slaughter at Idaho’s Annual Wolf and Coyote Derby

At the end of the four-day affair, 30 coyote corpses had been hung from hooks in a warehouse despite the efforts of activists to stop what they call a "culture of death."
Christopher Ketcham
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Seals Are Assholes

Australian fur seals may sound like stuffed animals with a pulse, but in reality they’re greedy blobs of fat who will eat all of Tasmania’s salmon if the current situation is left unchecked. For these fatties, salmon is “like a cross between a Big Mac...
Toby Fehily