Morris and So Drove Share Infectious New Collaboration “Say Yes”

Listen to the new track from the LA-based producers coming out on CyberSonicLA’s Compilation 002.
May 22, 2017, 9:55pm
So Drove, courtesy of the artist

Los Angeles producers Morris and So Drove (formerly known as Schwarz) just shared a new song with a clever title—"Say Yes," So Drove explained is a "phonetic palindrome" that can be pronounced both backward and forward. Sonically, the song fuses trance and trap, using choral voices and donk sounds to create a vibe that's heady and physical at the same time. It's So Drove's debut release under this moniker, and track will come out on a compilation album from CyberSonicLA, the label, club night, and mix series co-founded by Sha Sha Kimbo and Swelta.

Over email, So Drove shared that the commonplace self-help term "Say Yes" was actually the missing piece that helped cement the song's bilateral sound.

"I came across the phrase 'Say Yes' reading the book 'The Artists Way,'" he wrote. "The phrase was at the top of my whiteboard next to where I worked and I realized it was a phonetic palindrome, and it clicked as the final piece in this track me and Morris had worked on."

Listen to "Say Yes" below, and look out for CyberSonicLA Vol. 002 on May 23.