What We Know About the Couple Murdered in Northern Canada

The bodies of American Chynna Deese and Australian Lucas Fowler were found near the Alaska Highway in northern British Columbia.
Mack Lamoureux
a day ago

A QAnon Believer Allegedly Killed a Mob Boss. Now Gambino Allies Are Getting Arrested.

Months after a 20-something was accused of gunning down the crime family's leader, cops apparently smelled blood.
Alex Norcia
Drugs & Crime

The Tragic Story of Rick Turner's Descent into Meth, Prison, and Death

He barely missed out on recent criminal justice reforms. Then his situation behind bars took a terrifying turn.
Tana Ganeva

For the Love of God, Please Give Guy Fieri His Own 'Law & Order' Spinoff

"In Flavortown, the one dedicated detective who investigates bland food is the leader of an elite squad known as the Sketchy Chef Unit."
Drew Schwartz

Nine People Who Could Be Running Scared After Jeffrey Epstein's Arrest

From alleged "schedulers" to an embattled Trump cabinet official to Bill Clinton to Trump himself, it's a strange cast of characters.
Francisco Alvarado

How a Volunteer Firefighter Became a Serial Arsonist

David isn't sure how many wildfires he lit around Australia's southern coast—but he's very clear on what made him do it.
Julian Morgans

The Small Town Gang Murder Broadcast Live on Snapchat

As 16-year-old Cemeren Yilmaz begged for his life, his attackers filmed him and posted the video to Snapchat. The murder was callous, utterly pointless—and representative of so many of the U.K.'s knife crime deaths.
Kevin EG Perry

What It’s Like to Deal Drugs in a Country with the Harshest Penalties in the World

Thousands of Filipino citizens have been killed in President Duterte's violent war on drugs. VICE meets a local dealer to learn why anyone would run the huge risk of selling when your life is literally on the line.
Shirin Bhandari
Drugs & Crime

The Absurd Theater of the Modern Cocaine Bust

When a billion dollars worth of coke was seized this week, experts were quick to remind us that it's not going to solve America's drug problem.
Alex Norcia

NXIVM 'Sex Cult' Leader Keith Raniere Convicted of Sex Trafficking

Jurors found him guilty of sex trafficking, racketeering, exploitation of a child, wire fraud, and more. Prosecutors compared him to both a pimp and a mob boss during the trial.
Sarah Berman

The Defense of NXIVM Leader Accused of Seeking Sex Slave: He’s Not a Misogynist

A lawyer representing accused sex trafficker Keith Raniere floated a few questionable tropes of his own in closing arguments.
Sarah Berman

Keith Raniere’s ‘Sex Cult’ Was Powered by Gaslighting, Experts and Witnesses Testify

The NXIVM founder’s disturbing private messages shown in court are full of lies, distortions, and threats, according to prosecutors.
Sarah Berman