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The Man Who Deleted His Past Before He Was Found Dead

In 2009, a man calling himself Peter Bergmann was found washed up on an Irish beach. Ten years later, police, journalists, and internet sleuths are still trying to work out what happened.


Woman Gets Felony for Dine-and-Dashing on Chalupa She Found Not Chalupa-y Enough

Jennifer Culver said she wasn't paying for "that [expletive]," according to court records.


One Violent Crime in the U.S. Keeps Trending Up While Others Drop: Rape

The FBI’s rape rates started rising in 2013, after the agency changed its definition of the act


Ed Buck's Alleged Violence Has Been an Open Secret for Years

Multiple people assert that Buck was savvy enough to know whose victimhood would stay out of the headlines.


Someone Used the Domino's Pizza App to SWAT a California Home

Victims of these acts have been seriously injured and even killed by police officers who have responded to the phony emergency calls.


Garlic Expert Who Crusaded Against Importing Garlic Is Going to Prison for... Importing Garlic

"She's the lead person in the garlic society and yet she's quite prepared to import... garlic that could be diseased," the judge said.


Former Bakery Worker Allegedly Stole $90,000 Worth of Wildly Expensive Cakes

Lady M didn't notice that it was missing more than 1,000 cakes until someone revealed that they were being sold on the black market.


Shady Wine Consultant Allegedly Scammed Wealthy Investors out of Millions

Omar Khan met his victims—or his "marks," as the lawsuit calls them—at his International Business & Wine Society events.


Two Dudes Allegedly Tried to Rob a Little Caesar's in the Dumbest Way Imaginable

If you're going to steal a pizza—and we are in no way suggesting that you do—at least show up with a plan.


Court Documents Reveal How Affirmative Action for the 1% Really Works

Scandalous new details about the University of Southern California's admission process came out as part of the ongoing 'Varsity Blues' trial.


Man Faces Assault Charge After Allegedly Throwing Cupcake at Driver in Road Rage Incident

Trevor Pearson, 31, allegedly responded to a middle finger by winging a cupcake out his car window and smacking another driver right in the face.


Guy Holds Up Popeyes at Gunpoint for Sold-Out Chicken Sandwich

A group of three men and two women tried to force their way into a Popeyes restaurant in Houston, demanding the highly coveted sandwich.