How to Watch India Land on the Moon Today

A lander named Vikram and a rover named Pragyan will descend to the lunar south pole on Friday.


Europe's Space Agency Wants People to Live Inside Moon Caves

The agency wants input on how to send robots to the Moon to explore the virtually unseen caves, which could one day shelter humans.


Tardigrade Spill on the Moon Proves We Need Rules for Spreading Life Beyond Earth

Tardigrade mishap on the Moon sparks questions on if we should restrict unusual spacecraft payloads.


NASA Will Fly a Copter on Saturn's Moon Titan

“Dragonfly will visit a world filled with a wide variety of organic compounds, which are the building blocks of life and could teach us about the origin of life itself.”


The Moon Might Be Quaking from Stress, Scientists Find

New research analyzes how the moon's surface moves, from a cooled interior to gravitational pulls.


Jeff Bezos Is a Post-Earth Capitalist

Bezos admits that the limitless growth that made him the world's richest man is incompatible with a habitable Earth.


Israel’s Lunar Lander Has Crashed on the Moon

The Beresheet lander would have been the first private lander on the Moon and the first lunar soft-landing by Israel. Instead, engine failures caused it to crash.


Watch the First Private Moon Lander Ride to Orbit on a SpaceX Rocket

The Beresheet lander will attempt the first private Moon landing on April 11.


Earth’s Atmosphere Stretches Far Beyond the Moon, Scientists Find

A group of researchers discovered that Earth’s atmosphere extends almost twice the distance to the Moon after analyzing data gathered in the 1990s.


Life On Earth Was Seeded by Massive Collision That Formed the Moon

“The giant impact of a rocky planet was required to deliver the unique composition of life-essential elements to Earth.”


A Meteorite Crashed Into the 'Super Blood Wolf Moon'

It was the first time an impact has been captured on film during a total lunar eclipse.


Asteroids Crash Into Earth Over Twice as Often as 290 Million Years Ago

Scientists find that a surge in Earth impacts began during the Permian period, possibly because of disruptions in the asteroid belt.