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Elon Musk Has 'No Idea' How to Smoke Weed, Says Elon Musk

"I don’t know how to smoke anything, honestly."
River Donaghey
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You Can Bring Your Weed to the LA Airport Now

LAX is totally cool with passengers packing it in their carry-ons—but if it's illegal where you land, that's on you.
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Some Teens Robbed a Pot Shop and Wound Up with a Bunch of Oregano

Cops say they plowed into a dispensary with a van and escaped in a getaway car—all for some literal herb.
Drew Schwartz

How to Smoke Weed Out of an Oil Lantern

All you need is a roll of duct tape, a ratchet socket, a rubber stopper, and some determination.
VICE Staff
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Trump's Secret Anti-Weed Committee

The administration appointed a committee to find facts about the "threat" of legalizing marijuana.
VICE Staff
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This Mom Allegedly Let Her 15-Year-Old Run an Illegal Pot Shop from Her Bedroom

She might have taken the "cool mom" thing a little too far.
Drew Schwartz

Weed Legalization Is Tearing This Neighborhood Apart

A diverse, working-class neighborhood in Boston is one front in the larger war over what recreational pot looks like, and who profits.
Ankita Rao

We Asked People About the Time They Got so High They Called 911

Weed is a pretty chill drug, but for some users, the experience results in a hilarious disaster.
Jackson Weaver

How legal weed will change Canada

Canada is poised to become the largest federal weed market in the world.
Rachel Browne
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Absolute Legend Grounds Southwest Plane After Sparking a J in the Bathroom

Apparently he's never heard of edibles.
Drew Schwartz
Weed Week

We Asked People on 4/20 Where They Got Their Weed

One last 4/20 before the government becomes our drug dealer.
Sierra Bein
Blunt Reviews

Blazing Trails in Frisco, Colorado

'Blunt Reviews' host Simone Sullivan books a curated mountain weed retreat in Frisco, Colorado.
VICE Staff