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5 days ago

Woman Arrested After Allegedly Pouring Hennessy in Taco Bell Worker's Mouth From Drive-Thru

If you're going to pour cognac into a fast food worker's mouth from your car window, maybe wait till there isn't a cop right behind you.


Woman Accuses Taco Bell of Putting 'Doorknob' in Her Nachos

Taco Bell has more than a dozen different add-ons for its orders of nachos, but none of them are household fixtures.


There’s Some Absurdly Intense Drama Going Down in the Taco Bell Subreddit

After a moderator "power trip," the community is rallying behind one of the brand's biggest superfans.


Dolly Parton Has Revealed Her Weird Meat Snacking Habits

She grew up eating "whatever's running around," but has distinct preferences now.


A Definitive Ranking of Almost Every Flavor of Mountain Dew

I did the Dew in 25 different incarnations to bring you this comprehensive guide to its many nuances.


Today's Special: A Man Walked into a Taco Bell Kitchen to Make His Own Mexican Pizza

Plus, cheers to the Ohio man who's giving up all food for Lent and only drinking beer.


Today's Special: The Stranded Guy Who Survived on Hot Sauce Is Getting a Year of Free Taco Bell

Also, someone ordered a three-piece KFC meal and allegedly got two pieces of chicken and a deep-fried rag.


It's Monday, March 4, and Taco Bell Has Created the Human Centipede of Chalupas

Plus, a teenage Lady Gaga fan convinced latte lovers that they could score free Starbucks by streaming "Shallow."


Florida Taco Bell Evacuated After Couple Brings Found WWII Grenade

Luckily, no one was injured and all parties involved are free to live más.