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Hyperloop just got a lot closer to its target speed

The futuristic hyperloop technology is one step closer to becoming a reality: The company Hyperloop One successfully tested its first full-scale passenger pod Saturday. But don’t expect to travel this way anytime soon. The test on a 0.31-mile track clocked in at only 192 mph — one quarter of its target speed.

Elon Musk and SpaceX first imagined the hyperloop in 2012, but they open-sourced the idea to allow other companies to develop it. It uses magnetic levitation and a vacuum-sealed tube to all but eliminate air resistance. Hypothetically, this would allow a pod carrying passengers or cargo to travel at up to 760 mph. A Boeing 747 reaches just 570 mph at top speed.

Hyperloop One said its next tests will attempt to load passengers in and out of the pod without breaking the tube’s vacuum seal.