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VICE Meets: Eric Andre

We met up with comedian and actor Eric Andre, host of Adult Swim's relentlessly addictive talk show parody.

Over the past three years, Eric Andre has developed into one of the most oft-kilter and versatile comedians on planet earth. His bizarro talk show on Adult Swim, The Eric Andre Show, takes the late-night talk show format and throws it in a blender full of salvia that spits out 11-minute episodes of insanity. Co-hosted by the increasingly famous, and hilarious, Hannibal Buress, Eric's show is home to daring man-on-the-street pranks, oddball celebrity bookings ranging from Sinbad to Scary Spice, and a compendium of tricks concocted by the show's staff to elict absurd conversations (e.g. excessively increasing the studio's temperature without explanation, having 45-minute conversations with guests who were expecting to talk for seven, and placing rotting sardines underneath the guest's chair). In addition to his Adult Swim antics, Eric is becoming an in-demand actor. He co-starred on ABC's Don't Trust The B---- in Apt 23, he has a recurring role on CBS's 2 Broke Girls, and he had an appearance in The Internship. Eric was in Toronto to shoot a pilot for FX, so we met up with him in Kensington Market to discuss the insane structure of his show, huffing ether, and the time he went to a strip club in Atlanta with T-Pain and $1,000 in singles.