Boxer Manny Pacquiao Is Gearing Up For His Very Own Music Concert

But wait, there’s more! He's expected to unveil his own cryptocurrency at the event.
Fruhlein Chrys Econar
a day ago

How 'Drag Race' Made Drag Queen Music Video Cameos Legit

You're not imagining it: the way drag queens are used by pop acts has moved from cheap laughs or deviance to something new.
Yusuf Tamanna
2 days ago

Intimate Photographs from the First Years of Punk

Ivar Muñoz-Rojas's new book features photos from the personal archive of 'Slash' magazine founder Philomena Winstanley.
Juanjo Villalba
2 days ago
Here's the Deal With...

Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Genre Producer Miedo Total

His debut EP is… a lot, in the best way; combining elements of metal, classical and experimental electronica. And we're running it first, here.
Emma Garland
2 days ago

These Guys Have Collected All the Worst Music On the Internet

The "Shit Music Group" is your one-stop shop for funky house 'Love Island' remixes, bootleg Wii tunes and donk remixes of absolutely everything.
Hatti Rex
5 days ago

An AI Completes an Unfinished Composition 115 Years After Composer's Death

It's never too late to finish what you've started, even if AI does the job for you.
Suchi Rudra
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This Is Not a Spice Girls 2019 Tour Thinkpiece

Imagine 90,000 raucous seven-year-old fans, except they're adults now and can drink wine and stay up late.
Daisy Jones

They Should've Used This Song Father John Misty Wrote for 'A Star Is Born'

Misty said there was "really no place in that movie" for his previously unreleased ballad. He's wrong.
Drew Schwartz

Taylor Swift's LGBTQ Anthem 'You Need to Calm Down' Is Pretty Clueless

Swift's new song is a failed attempt at advocacy.
Taylor Hosking

Yup, People Are Having Sex While Wearing AirPods

A new study of sexually active music fans also found that folk aficionados cry during sex and those into country are also...into role-play?
Alex Zaragoza

Elton John’s Movie ‘Rocketman’ Got Banned In Samoa For LGBTQ Content

A film about Elton John without the queerness would be an utter misrepresentation of his life
Edoardo Liotta

Beyoncé​ Is Great at Everything... Except Designing Clothes

Ahead of her long-teased collaboration with Adidas, her latest merch drop reminds us that her penchant for telling compelling stories doesn't show in her clothing lines.
Taylor Hosking