The Story of the Guy Who Posted Himself From the UK to Australia

When Reg Spiers ran out of money for a plane ticket, he got creative.
Julian Morgans
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Stella Donnelly Is Ready to Piss a Lot of People Off

The Australian songwriter's debut album 'Beware of the Dogs' sticks the knife in misogynists and other regressive bullshit artists. She knows that some won't take too kindly to that.
Shaad D’Souza
Australia Today

Perth Zoo Is Rolling Out Drug Tests to Stop Staff From Getting High

A survey found that nearly one in five employees at the zoo had witnessed illicit drug use while at work.
Gavin Butler

Dance Your Sadness Away to Methyl Ethel's New Song "Real Tight"

We're premiering the Perth producer's new single and Matt Sav-directed video, the second from his new record 'Triage', out on 4AD and Dot Dash in February.
Shaad D’Souza
Australia Today

Five Bodies Have Been Discovered in a Perth Home

Police raided the suburban house following a tip-off from a man in his 20s. Inside they discovered the bodies of three toddlers, their mother, and grandmother.
Gavin Butler
Australia Today

A Giant Meteor Exploded Over Perth Last Night

The photo makes it look like the moon, but it was actually a lump of rock "airbursting” in the upper atmosphere.
Gavin Butler

Music, Mates, and Cats: Perth Sharehouses Are the Best in Australia

We take a look into some of the city's best sharehouses.
VICE Staff
Australia Today

A 19-Year-Old From Perth Has Been Charged With Murdering His Family

Teancum Vernon Peterson-Crofts appeared in court Monday, rambling incoherently about Jesus.
Mahmood Fazal
Australia Today

Alleged Perth Dine-and-Dasher Receives Precisely Zero GoFundMe Donations

The page was established to help the "busty Aussie blonde” pay her legal fees.
VICE Staff
Australia Today

Hackers Broadcast PornHub Homepage in 'the Heart of Perth'

The site was displayed on an information screen in Yagan Square.
VICE Staff
The Ocean

Congratulations to This Woman and Her Massive Fish

A British tourist has caught a freakishly large bass of the coast of Western Australia.
Katherine Gillespie
drink driving

Perth's Isolation and Urban Sprawl Have Created a Drink-Driving Nightmare

We need to talk about Western Australia, where drink driving is still the reason behind 32% of road deaths.
VICE Staff