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This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Fast Food a Lot

The Happy Meal may be one of the most paradoxically named products to ever hit the market.
Grant Stoddard

All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Women in Wales are now allowed to take abortion pill at home.
VICE Staff
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This McDonald's Allegedly Sold Burgers, Fries and a Bunch of Cocaine

"Operation Off the Menu" uncovered a manager allegedly stuffing the drugs in cookie bags alongside McDoubles and fries.
Drew Schwartz

I Tried the Worst Pizza in Germany

A pizzeria in south Germany is so badly run, a judge has warned the owner he'll go to jail unless he gets his act together soon.
Frederik Seeler
50 states of art

Why an LA Artist Turned an Abandoned Taco Bell into a Midwestern Art Exhibit | #50StatesofArt

Think mas.
Sean N

We Made Our Health Editor Eat Like Trump for a Week and She Felt Terrible

We're so sorry, Kate.
Kate Lowenstein

How I Almost Died Pretending to Be a Vegetarian in College

I didn't think of myself as a pretend vegetarian lying to my friends. I told myself that I was just a vegetarian who kept having meat accidents with my mouth.
Nate Dern

Exploring the Legendary Secret Menus of Glasgow's Fast Food Joints

Scotland's biggest city is notorious for its adventures in fast food experimentation, so I went to find out the truth.
Francisco Garcia

Perverted Photos of Ronald McDonald

LA-based artist Marina Fini reimagined Ronald McDonald as a hamburger-licking, motel-cruising weirdo in her latest photography project.
Ben Parker Karris
Nick Gazin's Frozen Food Reviews

Frozen Chicken Nuggets Will Definitely Give You Heartburn

I've been eating frozen chicken nuggets for this review column, and the gurgling heartburn I've experienced has led me to chomp Tums like they were as tasty and plentiful as the nuggets that caused my stomach acids to go into overdrive.
Nick Gazin

The Unofficial McDonald’s Museum Helping One Man Achieve His Destiny

The museum in California is filled with all manner of McDonald's memorabilia – old Happy Meal toys, photos of early employees, even a straw wrapper from the original restaurant.
Justin Caffier
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McDonald's Introduce Interactive Placemat Recording Studio, McTrax

Ever wanted to make music while slowly killing yourself with junk food? It's your lucky day!
Angus Harrison