Eve L. Ewing’s New Book Explores the Ways Violence and Time Affect Black Lives

One hundred years after the Chicago Race Riot, '1919' reflects on a century of exodus and deliverance for Black Americans.


Janaka Stucky Brings a Doom-Metal Mysticism to His Poetry Readings

"I want to channel the energy of each performance into conjuring whatever altered state of consciousness I was in when I wrote the work."


Princess Nokia’s NYT Interview Is Art, So We Turned It Into a Poem

"Matthew McConaughey on a beach in a hammock on a quaalude."


Hanif Abdurraqib and Morgan Parker Chat Poetry and Blackness in America

The poets found time between their busy touring schedules to talk about 'Magical Negro,' the current wave of contemporary poetry, and how white salons still can't handle black hair.


Erasure Poets Are Turning the Heavily Redacted Mueller Report into Art

Today is a goldmine for writers who craft poetry out of censored text.


5 Muslim Women Artists Whose Powerful Work You Should Know

Follow them. Support them. Give them your money.


Nikki Giovanni Has Advice for Black Women Dealing with Emotional Labor

"We seem to be spending time telling white people what they're doing wrong, instead of telling Black people what we're doing right," Giovanni tells Broadly.


Morgan Parker’s 'Magical Negro' and the Multiplicity of Blackness

“I was thinking about ‘Black Girl Magic,’ which is cool, but I’m also a real person, so I wanted to explore what is magical about us according to us.”


A Poem for the Anxious and Exhausted

jamilah malika's poem "rest / woke" works as ritual Black people can reflect on to connect with their bodies.


An Interview with Speedy Ortiz's Sadie Dupuis About Her New Book of Poetry

Like Speedy Ortiz? Well then friend, 'Mouthguard' is for you. Plus, check the new video for "I'm Blessed."


3 Witchy New Poems That Find Art in the Occult

Some magic words from poets Jen Calleja, Dorothea Lasky, and Amy Key, courtesy of the new collection "Spells: 21st Century Occult Poetry."


This Is a Good Time to Read Leonard Cohen's Poem, "Kanye West Is Not Picasso"

It appears in 'The Flame' a posthumous collection of Cohen's lyrics and poetry, released last week.