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Nintendo Deleted a Very Popular ‘Mario Maker 2' Stage Without Explanation

This happened all the time with the original 'Mario Maker,' but the hope was Nintendo might have learned some lessons.
Patrick Klepek
12 hours ago
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Here's Nintendo's New, $200 Switch Lite

Is a Switch that doesn't switch even still a Switch?
Nicole Carpenter
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10 Clever, Weird, Fun, And Infuriating Levels to Try in 'Mario Maker 2'

It can be hard to figure out what's worth playing. We're here to help.
Patrick Klepek
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Someone Made 'Super Mario Maker 2' Inside of 'Little Big Planet 3'

You can now play a stripped down version of ‘Super Mario Maker 2’ on a PS3 or PS4.
Matthew Gault
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From the New Xbox to a FromSoft Open World Game, Our Wildest E3 2019 Predictions

What if FromSoft made Dragon's Dogma 3? We can dream can't we?
Patrick Klepek

Austin's Here Now, Entertain Him: We Talk Mechs, Kingdom Hearts, THQ, More

These podcasts are supposed be an hour, but woops we talked about the 2015 movie 'Pan' for 30 minutes.
Patrick Klepek

Watching Someone Beat a Mario Game Without Pressing Right Is F'ing Wild

'New Super Mario Bros. U,' like most Mario games, asks you to move right to win. But what if you don't want to? That's where it gets tricky.
Patrick Klepek

'Smash Ultimate' Gave Me More Than a Sequel, It Brought Me Home

"The World of Light" is part RPG, part collect-a-thon, and part love letter to Nintendo's history.
Ricardo Contreras
Nintendo Switch

How Pirated Versions of ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Leaked Weeks Before Release

“As far as Switch games go this is the biggest ever,” one Switch piracy community member said.
Joseph Cox
The Gardens Between

'The Gardens Between' Is a Deeply Chill Puzzler That Won't Break Your Brain

Yes, sure, it involves time travel, but it's simpler than you think.
Patrick Klepek

Upgrade Your Nintendo Switch With Lego Components

Labo looks cooler if you swap out its cardboard components for Lego pieces.
Matthew Gault
open thread

There Are Way Too Many Metroid-Style Games Coming Out Next Month

There's basically one every week until August is over.
Patrick Klepek