I Had a Threesome with My Boyfriend and the Girl He Was Cheating on Me with

She looks at me and says, “Is it okay if I kiss your boyfriend now?” My gut is twisting, and I can’t really look, but I also have to look.
Hayley Quinn
4 days ago

How it Feels to Survive a Plane Crash That Kills Everyone Else

In the first episode of our new podcast "Extremes" we meet Annette Herfkens, a woman who survived an air crash and spent eight days in a jungle.
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The Anxiety Hour

Honor Eastly On Making a Living Off Your Deepest, Darkest Moments

In our latest episode of the Anxiety Hour, the writer and podcaster reflects on the mundane realities of sometimes wanting to die.
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The Anxiety Hour

Andrew W.K. Explains How Partying Will Sooth Your Brain and Save Your Life

To be clear, we’re not talking about drinking a million beers and staying up late. For the musician and writer, partying is a way to overcome dread and terror to find peace and pleasure.
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The Anxiety Hour

Mojo JuJu Is Searching for the Identity Her Family Weren’t Allowed to Embrace

On the latest episode of the Anxiety Hour, the musician describes how her parents' experiences of race and identity in Australia gave her a sense of hereditary disconnection—something music helps her to overcome.
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Edward Snowden Explains Why the CIA Just Made an Instagram

"They get Twitter accounts. Instagram accounts (with) puppies and everything like that, because they want to be friendly. They want to be on your side."
Ben Makuch
The Anxiety Hour

Filthyratbag Is the Viral Artist Drawing the Internet’s Midlife Crisis

18-year-old illustrator Celeste Mountjoy is here to remind you that teen angst is real angst.
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The Anxiety Hour

How Osher Günsberg Went From Breakdown to 'The Bachelor'

We spoke to the TV host and author about learning to trust your own brain after a mental health crisis.
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The Anxiety Hour

Introducing the Anxiety Hour: a Mental Health Podcast from VICE

We're highlighting how unifying our worst feelings can be.
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violent times

An Afternoon With the Yakuza: Japan’s Most Notorious Crime Syndicate

A group member reflects on their violent reputation and uncertain future as they face a public relations crisis in Japan.
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The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

The Dangers of Marketing Addictive Drugs

New findings about the pressure to sell OxyContin reveal a lot about the opioid crisis.
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violent times

Our New Podcast Interrogates Australia’s Obsession With Violence

Fear, Romance, Fascination: Across Violent Times we’ll speak to underworld kings, child soldiers, and criminals to explore why humans do brutal things.
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