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Everyone Hates the New Sonic so Much that the Studio Is Redesigning Him

River Donaghey
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Waycool's "Sonic" Is the Rap Version of 'Super Smash Bros'

The Toronto collective's new nerd-friendly single is a mashup of 'Dragon Ball Z,' 'Rick & Morty,' and beloved Nintendo consoles.
Phil Witmer

Breaking Down the New Sonic Game with a BAFTA-Winning Designer

I wasn't feeling 'Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice', but I'm no expert on game design. So I asked someone who is.
Mike Diver

A Terrible 'Super Mario Maker' Clone on Steam Actually Has a Few Good Ideas

If Nintendo won't release its games on PC, opportunistic developers are prepared to release basically the same thing.
Patrick Klepek

One Glorious Day at London’s Summer of Sonic Fan Convention

You go in thinking: this is all a bit silly, isn't it? But, quickly, it's clear that this isn't something you can take the piss about.
Mathew Jones; photos by Alex Davis

An Arbitrary Top Ten of the Best Sonic the Hedgehog Games

I've played a lot of Sonic games, and what with the blue critter turning 25, and <i>Sonic Mania</i> lighting up the internet, here's a bunch of the best.
Mike Diver

How Sonic the Hedgehog Kept Glam Rock Alive After Its Grungy Demise

SEGA's series turned to some of the Sunset Strip's finest to bring rock 'n' roll theatricality to its Dreamcast soundtracks.
Andy McDonald
Video Games Killed the Radio Star

Happy 25th, Sonic, and Thank the Gaming Gods You Weren’t an Awesome Possum

Sonic spin-dashed through the Mascot Wars of the 1990s. But let's spare a thought for the fallen, those anthropomorphised heroes who didn't make it.
Mike Diver

These Are the Best Video Games You Can Finish in an Afternoon

You're bumming about the house, with time to kill. So kill it by starting, and finishing, a great game in a single sitting.
Mike Diver

‘Action Henk’ Is Pretty Much the Only Game I Want to Play Right Now

"Buttslide to victory" with action figures turned obstacle course racers, and smile like an absolute idiot as you do.
Mike Diver
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The Conspiracy Theory About Michael Jackson Composing Music for 'Sonic 3' Is Actually Probably True

The King of Pop actually wrote the soundtrack to the 1994 Sega Genesis game according to a Huffington Post feature.
River Donaghey
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As Sega’s Mascot Turns 25, This Is What We Want From a New Sonic Game

It's simple, really: innovation enough for Sonic to matter in 2016, mixed with a measure of nostalgia to keep retro-gamers from frothing at the mouth.
Guy Kelly