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Brutal Murder of 19 People in Mexico Could Be Related to Avocado Trade, Expert Says

A researcher believes the horrifying public display of bodies that took place in Uruapan this week stems back to the high demand for avocados.
Jelisa Castrodale

We Have Just ‘Days’ to Save This Rare Endangered Porpoise From Extinction

A new study estimates that there are likely just 9 vaquita porpoises left in the world. According to a co-author, we have just days to act on effectively enforcing a ban on illegal fishing nets.
Madeleine Gregory
food news

Burger King Manager Accepts Apology From Women Who Told Him to 'Go Back to Mexico'

Ricardo Castillo—who is Puerto Rican—not only forgave them, but also said he hoped someone would set up a GoFundMe for the women who berated him.
Jelisa Castrodale
border patrol

U.S. Citizen Held by Border Patrol Says He Lost 26 Pounds and Couldn't Shower for 23 Days

“It got to the point where I was ready to sign a deportation paper just not to be suffering there anymore."
Gaby Del Valle

18-Year-Old U.S. Citizen Held in Immigration Detention for a Month Has Finally Been Released

Border Protection authorities questioned the authenticity of his Texas ID card, his Social Security card, and a small copy of his birth certificate
Emma Ockerman

An 18-Year-Old Citizen Has Been in Immigration Detention for a Month. It's Not the First Time.

Francisco presented his Texas ID, a Social Security card, and a small copy of his birth certificate at a CBP checkpoint
Emma Ockerman
Drugs & Crime

It's Game of Thrones in Cartel Land Now That El Chapo's in Prison for Life

In Mexico, his sons could struggle to survive.
Deborah Bonello
El Chapo

El Chapo Sentenced to Life in Prison

The kingpin has escaped Mexican prisons twice — but no one gets out of ADX.
Keegan Hamilton

The Trump Administration’s Plan to Effectively End Asylum Is Almost Certainly Illegal

"No one could credibly argue that it is safe for asylum-seekers in Mexico or in Guatemala."
Gaby Del Valle

The Largest Algae Bloom in World History Is Now Off the Florida Coast

Researchers are tracking the algae Sargassum, which has created record blooms nearly every year since 2011.
Madeleine Gregory

Migrant Father Who Drowned With Daughter Was Extorted Hours Before Crossing

“It’s very obvious that those who can get money and pay, they can cross. Those who don’t, they just languish.”​
Emily Green

Asylum Officers to the U.S. Government: We Did Not Sign Up for This

"Fundamentally contrary to the moral fabric of our nation."
Morgan Baskin