Sony Ends Facebook Integration on PlayStation 4

The share button will still capture screen shots and video, but you're now more limited on where you can post them.


It Seems True Cross-Play Is Finally Coming to PlayStation 4

Sony’s dragged their feet on this for years, but there are signs the wait is over.


Sony Drops First Look at 'Last of Us II' With Violent Gameplay Trailer

Sony revealed a February release date and first gameplay footage for the ‘Last of Us’ sequel during today’s State of Play.


This 'Twin Peaks'-Inspired Open World Game Came Out in 1998, and Now It's Playable in English

Thanks to dedicated fans, you can finally play the Lynchian 'Mizzurna Falls' in English.


Excuse Me, You Can Click a Button to Reveal Hidden PlayStation Trophies?

Yes, I know I could just look them up online. But this is way, way easier.


Someone Made 'Super Mario Maker 2' Inside of 'Little Big Planet 3'

You can now play a stripped down version of ‘Super Mario Maker 2’ on a PS3 or PS4.


Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony Say Trump’s Tariffs Will Make Consoles Cost More

US consumers will pay a total of $840 million more for consoles than they would without Chinese tariffs, the companies warn.


From the New Xbox to a FromSoft Open World Game, Our Wildest E3 2019 Predictions

What if FromSoft made Dragon's Dogma 3? We can dream can't we?


Sony Reveals First Details on PlayStation 5

The company is promising lightning-fast loading times, thanks to a built-in SSD, the ability to output 8K graphics, and more. As for games? We'll have to wait.


The PlayStation Classic Accurately Captures the Fumbles of Early 3D Games

I don’t want these games to look better than they did.


Video Games and Club Music Have Always Been Intertwined

From 'Wip3out' to The Black Madonna premiering a track in 'GTA V,' there's a long history of software and hardware linking electronic music to gaming.