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In 1998, 'Jagged Alliance' Developers Threatened a Walkout—And It Worked

How developers on a classic tactics game ended crunch and reformed their workplace with just the threat of a walkout.
Darius Kazemi
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Over 100 Riot Games Employees Walked Out to End Forced Arbitration

'League of Legends' developers walkout to protest the company’s use of forced arbitration to settle sexual harassment lawsuits.
Matthew Gault
Nicole Clark

We Talk Hideo Kojima, 'Imperator: Rome,' and Riot Games on Waypoint Radio

It's a weird one, we admit.
Waypoint Staff

'League of Legends' Studio Faces Employee Walkout, Promises Changes

Riot Games' decision to try and block lawsuits being filed against the company prompted an enormous internal blowback it's still wrestling with.
Patrick Klepek
League of Legends

Dropping Best-of-3's for 'League of Legends' Shows Casuals Back in Charge

A less rigorous competitive format might be bad for the sport, but it could be good for the show.
Rob Zacny
VICE News Tonight on HBO

These students received college scholarships to play video games

UC Irvine became the first public university to grant scholarships for eSports this fall.
Bijan Stephen

How Esports Can Survive When the Sponsorship Bubble Bursts

The money is coming in fast and furious, but greater financial diversity is needed.
Kevin Hovdestad
VICE vs Video games

Watching the ‘League of Legends’ World Championship Final with Thousands of Diehard Fans

Imagine chess meets the Champions League, albeit a million times more massive than that would be.
Lisa Ludwig

'League of Legends' Is Making Players Test for Narcissism, Violent Tendencies

A recent survey asking players to take psychological self-evaluation tests is making some uneasy.
Emanuel Maiberg
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It Was Once the Biggest eSport in the World, so What’s Happened to ‘StarCraft’?

Blizzard's RTS title has slipped from the headlines as MOBAs have become dominant in the eSports scene.
Matt Porter

eSports Has a DDoS Problem

A DDoS attack might have disrupted The International, but it's just the tip of the iceberg.
Emanuel Maiberg

The 'League of Legends' Internet Works! Just Don't Ask About Net Neutrality

Riot Games' network is incredibly ambitious, but still fragile.
Emanuel Maiberg