'Red Dead Redemption 2' Coming to PC on November 5

It'll hit Rockstar's downloader and the Epic Games Store first, before arriving on Steam in December.


Gamers Are Harassing 'Ooblets' Developer Over Epic Games Store Exclusivity

'Ooblets' developer Glumberland received 'tens of thousands' abusive messages after the announcement last week.


Two Months After Controversy, One of 2019’s Best Games Is Still Unavailable

After being embroiled in a political controversy, 'Devotion' disappeared from Steam, and it's unclear when it's coming back.


The EU Is Pissed at Steam for Region-Locking Games

The European Commission is mad at Valve, Capcom, ZeniMax, and other publishers for region-locking activation keys and allegedly preventing cross-border sales.


Why Are Gamers Mad About a Real Competitor to Steam?

Epic’s new store has started a war with Steam, representing two titans duking it out for dominance.


We Won't Spoil 'Kingdom Hearts III,' But We Can Tell You If It's Fun

Today's Waypoint Radio also includes thoughts on the recent 'Anthem' demo and a very important PSA about personal finance.


'Artifact' Isn't a Game on Steam, It's Steam in a Game

Imagine if we monetized the rot.


'Fortnite' Is So Popular It Could End Steam's Decade-Long Dominance

Epic's new store and a growing number of big publishers that are pulling out of Steam are finally putting Valve in a position where it has to make some changes.


Power Plants Are Making It Snow in Nebraska

Two power plants in Norfolk, Nebraska caused several inches of snow to fall in parts of the state on Monday.


Valve's New Game 'Artifact' Is a Perfect Machine for Making Money

Games like ‘Artifact’ are why the FTC is investigating loot boxes.


Researchers Show How Mount Vesuvius Eruption Vaporized Blood and Exploded Skulls

Hundreds of people in the town of Herculaneum took cover from the eruption in boat-houses. Their bones tell a gruesome story.


Steam Will Start Moderating Its Forums, But Developers Can Opt Out

Valve will begin reviewing posts and making decisions about what can and can’t be posted in Steam's forums.